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Andrew McCrea

Andrew's keynotes have been heard by youth and collegiate audiences of up to 10,000 people. In addition, each year Andrew and his staff of professional presenters custom design leadership programs for a wide range of youth and collegiate groups. Whether it be a one hour leadership workshop or a multi-day leadership event, participants will enjoy the dynamic topics and
interactive approach.

Andrew has trained student organization officer teams in almost every state in the nation and often designs conferences for joint officer trainings.  He can develop training programs on a variety of topics for a wide range of student groups.  With his extensive background in broadcasting, he is also a frequent presenter on the topic of communications, message development and message delivery.

Andrew is a highly requested presenter for Professional Development, Convocations and state and national educator meetings. He brings years of experience from working in the education field and insights that help make the most of the learning environment.

Check out Andrew's "Educational One Sheet" for more info.

The following list includes some of the most popular leadership topics included in these workshops and leadership training events:

  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Meeting Planning
  • Creative Thinking
  • Value Recognition
  • Team Building
  • Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Workshop Presenting

Fun. Inspirational. Motivating. Sincere.

Andrew McCrea draws upon a wealth of experiences when he is criss-crossing the country to deliver his messages. As a farmer and rancher from northwest Missouri, Andrew knows what it is like to move herds of cattle and work 18-hour days harvesting a crop. Add to that, his experience as a five-time Oscar-winning radio broadcaster.

Andrew brings his insights from interviewing music stars, hall of fame athletes, Iditarod sled dog mushers and even the rooster crowing champion! His daily radio program, The American Countryside has won five Oscars in Agriculture. In addition, he also produces broadcasts heard nationally on the Westwood One radio network.

Andrew truly cares about making a difference in the lives of those he meets.

Andrew is past Chairman of the Heartland Foundation, a leadership foundation empowering youth and adults in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. He also serves as a certified lay pastor. Andrew is a past Chairman of the Missouri Beef Industry Council.

From Alaska to Florida ...speaking to groups from 10 to 10,000 ...Andrew has brought his message to thousands. He would like to bring his message to your organization too!


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Andrew McCrea

"Your ability to reach out to students and encourage them to be their best is a quality we admire and need more of in our society. Thank you for doing an excellent job for us!"
Nancy Trivette,
Education Dev.& Program Specialist
New Jersey Dept. of Agriculture

- - - - -

"This is one of the finest and brightest young men whom I have ever been associated. I have witnessed the incredible commitment that Andrew has to motivating people to become involved in their own communities."
Honorable Phil Tate,
Former Representative
Missouri House of Representatives

- - - - -

"Andrew is able to analyze both situations and groups and determine where his talents will make the greatest impact. This is most visible in his presentations. He presents topics such as goal-setting and self-motivation in electrifying packages..."
Scott Stump,
Career Technical Student Specialist
Colorado Community College System

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